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This web site is a private non-commercial initiative by Michael McGoldrick. It is not affiliated with the NCC, the Gatineau Park, or any business or group involved with the Gatineau Park or servicing the cross-country community in the Ottawa Gatineau area.

It's about cross-country skiing in and around the Ottawa-Gatineau area, with an emphasis on the Gatineau Park. It is primarily aimed at people who are relatively new to cross-country skiing, although some aspect of this web site may prove useful to more experienced skiers.

No money is being spent to promote this website, so if you think it would be of interest to others, please spread the word.

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The Ottawa River Sailing Page

The Used Sailboat Market in Canada

Photography by Michael McGoldrick

Note that the "Ottawa River Sailing Page" has been in continuous operation since 1995, and it is one of the oldest web sites about sailing in Canada, and one of the first regional web sites about sailing on the WWW.

All web sites by Michael McGoldrick are 100% non-commercial.

Comments about this web site can be sent to Michael McGoldrick . Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I am not in a position to provide lengthy replies to any email message sent to me.

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© Michael McGoldrick, 2006. The web site entitled "cross-country skiing in the Ottawa/Gatineau area", and all its subsidiary pages, and all text, photos, and graphics are copyright by Michael McGoldrick, 2006. All rights reserved. Individuals are welcome to download and reproduce material from this site for their personal use (non-commercial use, non-public use).

DISCLAIMER: While the information provided on the website entitled "cross-country skiing in the Ottawa/Gatineau area", and all its subsidiary pages, is believed to be correct and up to date (as of January, 2006), this site, and all its subsidiary pages, are not explicitly or implicitly warranted or represented to be free of errors, omissions, or inaccuracies, nor is the information at this site and all its subsidiary pages explicitly or implicitly warranted or represented to be suitable or fit for any purpose, including for use in relation to cross-country skiing. In other words, like most everything else on the web, use this site, and the information provided on this site "as is", and entirely at your own risk.

Also, participation in, and use of the Discussion Forums associated with this web site, is entirely at your own risk. For more information about the conditions of use for Discussion Forums on "xcskiing.ca", see: the Forums Information Page.

Note that there are some inherent dangers in participating in outdoor recreational activities such as cross-country skiing, and this is especially true when doing so in a hilly environment such as the Gatineau Park. Anyone choosing to get involved in cross-country skiing does so entirely at their own risk.

Privacy Statement.

This web site is operated by an individual, and not a business, and it does not attempt to collect any personal information, other than what is required to maintain the discussion forums. At some point, it may become necessary to ask people to register to make postings on the forums, and thereby prevent spammers from posting their junk. Such registration information is kept for no other purpose than to operate the discussion forums. The discussion forums run on phpBB software which apparently sets cookies. It seems that good software to run discussion forums requires the use of cookies. Again, the sole purpose of these cookies is to allow for the operation of the discussion forums.

© Michael McGoldrick, 2006.

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