P6 to Lac Pink

Trail # 7 (blue), the Gatineau Parkway (green), and trail # 35 (blue). Trails # 7 and # 35 are for classic cross-country skiing only, while the Gatineau Parkway has room for both classic and skate-skiing. Total distance (to Lac Pink and back) is about 8 to 9 kilometres.   ( scroll down for photos )

Trail # 7 is a fairly average, not-too-hard, not-too-easy by blue trail standards. Parts are fairly hilly, but nothing overly steep. It is for classic skiing only, and is fairly narrow. It cuts through some nice forested areas.

At one point, trail # 7 will dump you on the Champlain Parkway (which is wide and has room for both skate and classic skiers). Turn left onto the parkway and continue only a few hundred feet. You'll then see a sign on the right hand side indicating the continuation of # 7. Trail # 7 ends at the Gatineau Parkway (another wide thoroughfare suitable for both types of skiing). Turn right on the Gatineau Parkway and continue for approximately one kilometer, and then turn left at the sign for Lac Pink (which is hard to miss). You ski the last little bit on an easy portion of trail # 35 (downhill on a gentle slope).

There is no cabin at Lac Pink. However, there is an outdoor rest area at the western end of the lake. There are outhouse toilet facilities as well as garbage disposal and recycling containers. There is also a great view of the lake.

An alternate route back.

You can use trails # 35 and # 15 as an alternate route back. Generally, these trails are similar to Trail # 7, but perhaps a bit more challenging. Be sure to turn left where the # 35 meets trail # 15 (head towards P6 and Mackenzie King). Before long trail # 15 crosses Notch Road. This is a working road, so you'll have to take your skis off to get across.

When trail # 15 meets the Gatineau Parkway, you will have the choice of staying on it to get to P6. This last portion of the # 15 is classified as a "most difficult" (a red line on the map) and it involves lots of climbing. An easier option is to turn left onto the Gatineau Parkway, and then right onto the Champlain Parkway and continue until you are able to pick up trail # 7 back to P6.

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