Trail # 23, # 24, # 25 - Stony Swamp Greenbelt

Trails # 23 , # 24 and # 25 are located in Stony Swamp NCC Greenbelt (west-end Ottawa). The starting point is the P5 Parking Lot off Eagleson Road or the P6 Parking Lot of Richmond Road.    ( scroll down for photos )

These trails are in a flat area and straddle both sides of the Trans Canada Trail. It's possible to ski on the Trans Canada Trail, but since it's an old railroad line, it's very straight and not all that interesting for coss-country skiing.

The section of trails beginning at the P5 parking lot are in the vicinity of a built-up suburb, and it is often possible to see and hear the traffic on local roads. The trails here pass through area with a lot of cedar trees, and do not offer great skiing. The skiing soon improves and the setting becomes a little more isolated as you move towards trail # 23. Despite the proximity of the built-up suburbs, it possible to see several deer in this area.

From the # 23 you can cross over the Trans Canada Trail and get to the # 24. Trail # 24 is fairly straight and nondescript, but it does lead to trail # 25 which loops around an interesting little forested area. At the far end of the loop on the # 25 is a short trail which leads to the P6 Parking Lot on Richmond Road.

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