Trail # 10 (Shirley's Bay)

Trail # 10 in Stony Swamp NCC Greenbelt (west-end Ottawa). The starting point is the P2 Parking Lot off Carling Avenue (just a little west of Moodie Drive). The entire loop is about 4 kilometres.    ( scroll down for photos )

This is a relatively easy trail with no hills to speak of. This setting consists of some open areas, low bush, and forest. Some nice legs pass through thick forest. Parts of the trail follow the Ottawa River, where you see some of the ice fishing cabins in the distance. Other parts of the trail come within visual distance of the residential housing developments. The official trail is a fairly short loop which can be completed quickly, but the area has a number of unofficial side trails which appear to be well used by local skiers. But these are often quite narrow.

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