P19 to Lac Lusk

Trails # 50 (green), # 55 (green) and # 54 (green) in the Gatineau Park. These are shared trails for both skate and classic cross-country skiing. Total distance (there and back) is about 9 to 10 kilometres.

Trail # 50 is broad and located on what would be a paved park road during the summer. It's quite easy to ski, and has a few fairly long gradual hills (but not very steep). A lot of this trail follows the northwest end of Lake Philippe.

From Trail # 50, it is necessary to take trail # 55 (take the second right) for a short distance to get to the # 54. Trail # 54 leads to Lake Lusk (and the Lusk Cabin), and it is located on what is probably a narrow laneway during the summer. It is in a nice wooded area, and has some very scenic spots. Most of the trip to Lusk Cabin is uphill. However, with the exception of a few areas, most of this consists of long gradual hills that are not very steep. Under good conditions, the uphill nature of this trail may not be very noticeable. The long sloping hills are easy to handle when returning, and they will get you back faster than expected.

The Lusk Cabin is nice, but small. It only has two picnic tables. It operates as a day-use cabin until 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Afterwards, it serves as an overnight cabin that must be booked in advance. It has room to sleep 6 people.

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