P16 to Herridge (& Healey)

Trail # 50 (green) in the Gatineau Park. This is a shared trail for both skate and classic cross-country skiing. Total distance (there and back) is about 9 to 10 kilometres.   ( scroll down for photos )

If trail # 1 is considered the backbone of the network of trails in the southeast area of the Gatineau Park, then the same could be said for the # 50 in the northwest section. One of the more popular parts of Trail # 50 is the segment between P16 and the Herridge Cabin. The beginning of the trail passes through some open fields, but most of it is located in a nice wooded area.

There's a fair amount of hill climbing right at the beginning. Once you get by these hills, this trail generally consists of a lot of little slopes. There is, however, a fairly large hill about one kilometre before the Herridge Cabin. This trail is fairly wide, and probably a single lane way during the summer. Trail # 50 is relatively easy to handle. Although the hills can be a little tiring to climb, they are not so steep as to be difficult to descend (but there are a few interesting twists and turns).

The Herridge Cabin is a very popular destination in this part of the Park. It is actually a two story log cabin, and it probably houses over a dozen picnic tables. It's certainly one of the more attractive cabins in the park, and it must have been a very nice home at some point in the past.

Note that Trail # 50 now serviced by the Healey Cabin. This is a recent addition to the cabins in the Gatineau Park. It opened for the 2007-2008 ski season. When coming from P16, it is located half a kilometre before Herridge. To get to it, it's necessary to turn onto a side trail for 300 meters (there are signs and it is easy to find). The Healey Cabin has large windows and lots of sitting area and is furnished with 5 or 6 good size tables. It should be a great alternative when Herridge gets croweded.

Going back to parking lot involves more downhill than uphill runs, and the return leg to P16 goes by faster than might be expected.

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