P12 to Huron

Trails # 40 (blue), # 33 (blue), # 1B (green), and # 1 (green) in the Gatineau Park. Trail # 40 is only for classic cross-country skiing, while the others are shared trails for both types of skiing. Total distance (there and back) is little over 11 kilometres.    ( scroll down for photos )

The # 40 and # 33 are classified as blue trails, and can be challenging. Although they are very scenic, there is a lot of hill climbing on these trails when heading towards the Huron Cabin. Once you get to end of the # 33, you will have climbed up to the top of the plateau on the hill. Here you will find trails # 1B and # 1, which are relatively flat and easy. After all the hill climbing on the two previous trails, skiing on # 1B and # 1 will seem like a relaxing break. Trail # 1B is fairly wide, and by comparison, the # 1 is narrower and slightly hillier.

Note that the Champlain Lookout is only about half a kilometre away from the point where trails # 1B and # 1 meet each other. A side trip to the lookout is well worth it for a great view of the Ottawa Valley.

The Huron Cabin is very nice, and is very similar, if not exactly the same, as the one at Keogan. It too has about a dozen picnic tables.

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