P10 to Huron (via trail # 3)

The Fortune Parkway (green) and trail # 3 (blue) in the Gatineau Park. These are shared trails for both skate and classic cross-country skiing. Total distance (there and back) is close to 14 kilometres.    ( scroll down for photos )

It should be noted that the P10 parking lot is a convenient starting point to get to a variety of trails in this part of the park, and it can fill up quickly on busy weekends.

The Fortune Parkway trail from P10 is located on what is a paved park road during the summer, and is wide and open. You'll have to do a lot of hill climbing for slightly over a kilometre after leaving P10. The good news it that most of this takes place on gradually slopping hills, and there is no need to use the herringbone climbing technique.

As you approach Lac Fortune, keep an eye out on the right hand side for the turn off for trail # 3. The # 3 can be challenging, even by blue trail standards. In fact, the first kilometre involves constant hill climbing. Classic cross-country skiers will definitely have to make use of the herringbone technique here. All this can be a little tiring, especially if you just finished climbing the hills from P10 on the Fortune Parkway. After the first kilometre, trail # 3 becomes somewhat more level, although it still has lots of small to medium size hills.

While trail # 3 generally winds through forested areas, it does pass by a few open spaces. It is quite scenic and, aside from the hill climbing, is a very enjoyable trail. Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that going to the Huron Cabin via the # 3 is considerably longer and more difficult than continuing up the Fortune Parkway, and turning right onto trail # 1.

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